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This document is designed to record any and all changes, procedures and rules that SOCOMD HQ implements either during HQ Meetings or announcements on Discord. All changes are to be approved by the CO/XO and/or relevant head of staff (J1/J4).


General Rules

1.1 – No harassment of any kind directed toward other members.
1.2 – Be respectful to other members.
1.3 – No rage quitting from Operations
1.4 – Do not take equipment or vehicles not allocated to you or that you aren’t qualified for.
1.5 – No insubordination, feedback to be saved for post operation debrief.
1.6 – No friendly fire unless for training purposes.
1.7 – No In-game text chat such as side channel, use ACRE only.
1.8 – No “end-of-game” nonsense like negligent discharges or grenade throwing.
1.9 - Dual clanning is permitted, as long as it adheres to the below criteria.

DISCLAIMER: If any members are seen to be exploiting loopholes in these rules or being abrasive, disruptive or immmature in general, SOCOMD HQ reserves the right to ban and discharge members without warning.

Upon successful completion of your interview and acceptance into SOCOMD, your rights to ownership, parenthood and all incidental rights and responsibilities therewith to your first born child, whether male or female shall be relinquished to SOCOMD. SOCOMD shall assume all rights and responsibilities to said child as mentioned herein.

Zeus Rules

2.1 - Do not deliberately break a player's immersion because they did not follow a specific way to do something.
2.2 - Do not screw with players for your own amusement.
2.3 - Do not spawn enemies behind the players to catch them off guard (unless there is a VERY good reason).
2.4 - Do not spawn enemies in view of the players (excluding SOLS air assets).
2.5 - Do not take control of an enemy, deliberately shooting and killing players without enough forewarning. If a player is lone wolfing, making poor tactical decisions or is standing in the open after at least:
a. Two rounds of deliberate, high caliber, semi automatic fire (7.62 calibre or above, at least 3 seconds between shots)
b. Two bursts of deliberate, automatic fire (at least 3 seconds between bursts)
This rule is null and void.
2.6 - Do not drop fire support on the players heads, deliberately killing them (use the Crows fire support function instead). It is encouraged that Zeus’ deploy red smoke around the players to forewarn of incoming, Zeus activated, fire support. If the fire support is coming from the AI, it is encouraged that ranging rounds are activated using LAMBS, giving players sufficient time to find cover.
2.7 - Do not deliberately metagame the AI when near players (let the AI do their thing. They’re smart enough to be able to play along properly). This is defined as Zeus using their UI to spot players and then take control of the AI to kill, wound, or alert other AI around them.
2.8 - Do not heal players who have put themselves in bad situations due to poor tactics, planning and/or execution.
2.9 - Do not allow players who have been killed to rejoin in Zeus, especially if they are not qualified.
2.10 - Do not place enemies in positions that don’t make sense. Every AI placed should have a purpose and justification behind it’s placement.
2.11 - Do not allow a SOLS or Commando asset to be respawned if they were destroyed by natural means.
2.12 - Keep track of players who have been killed and subsequently body bagged for redeployment.
2.13 - Heal players who have been damaged by non-natural means (Arma’d).
2.14 - Always be reachable on HQ Net for contact by 1-0 or Albatross.
2.15 - Endeavour to remove most of the enemy AI underslung grenade launchers.
2.16 - Implement the use of role players to help advance missions and/or story.
2.17 - A minimum of two Zeus’ are required for operations. The primary Zeus is responsible for nominating and creating the operation, the Secondary is their assistant. The Secondary may provide input on creation and operation of the mission, but the Primary has final say. Secondary’s may be Zeus In Training’s who have completed their two observed mini operations. Being a Secondary does not count towards their observed main operations.
2.18 - Outline the assets available to the players, whether that be vehicles, SOLS assets or extra equipment for Support or Commando forces, and have it preplaced to remove extra spawning.
2.19 - Run their SMEAC/mission idea by a member of J2 before sending onto the Head Zeus for publishing.
2.20 - Operations are to be made in halves. AI can only be placed in Eden on the first specified objective. Objects may be placed across the entire specified mission. Once the CDOs have deployed to complete the operation, AI may be placed in the follow-on objectives.
2.21 - Lines of code are not to be placed in any init fields of any units placed on map. Garrisoning is to either be done by hand or using the LAMBS garrison function (recommended).

Roleplayer Rules

Roleplayer rules are very similar to Zeus rules (with some additions) as they have access to the same interface and power as the Zeus. The rules are:

3.1 - Do not break character when interacting with players
3.2 - If engaging players in firefights, follow the above Zeus rules
3.3 - Only begin roleplaying with approval from the Zeus of the mission, following the guidelines that they have set
3.4 - Only place down AI and/or objects with prior approval from Zeus.

Fixed Wing/Hurricane Rules

Fixed Wing is a very new addition to the SOCOMD arsenal. As such, there have been certain rules put in place to help mitigate any issues that could arise from the overuse of the assets available. These are:

4.1 - May only be used on maps with working runways or access to HMAS Canberra (needs USS Freedom to launch off) (N/A for Hurricane)
4.2 - Only available if qualified JTAC is in game
4.3 - May only attack in set defined area and/or when called in by JTAC
4.4 - Must always make JTAC or Albatross (whoever is tasking asset) aware if attacking a target
4.5 - Can only freely attack target if their own life is threatened and cannot evade
4.6 - Can only freely attack target if “RED PHOENIX” is broadcast over controlling radio frequency by JTAC or Albatross
4.7 - Cluster bombs are war crimes, they are not to be used

Dual Clanning Rules

At HQ, we don't have an issue with members participating in other units as long as it does not impact on our op times. There are a few exceptions, these are:

Platoon/SOLS Leadership

Anyone currently in Platoon Leadership (1-0) roles may not become members of other units. This is due to the extra time, effort, planning and standards that they must adhere to. This excludes the Platoon Medic.

J Section Leadership

Any J Section Senior/Deputy Staff may not become members of other units. This is due to the intimate knowledge they have of internal procedures and documents that are created specifically for SOCOMD.

Senior Officers

Any Senior Officer may not become members of other units. This is due to their access to internal servers, documents and financials for the unit. This is also due to the sheer amount of time and effort that it takes to run the unit.


Any 2CDO/Full SOLS members MUST disclose if they are a member with any other Arma 3 units to Senior Officers (XO/CO). If it is found that members are hiding membership from HQ, there will be severe consequences.


Any and all other members may join and participate with other units HOWEVER there are certain caveats that must be adhered to. These are:


  • No poaching of our members
  • No advertising your unit in our TS/Discord
  • No using our training documentation/procedures
  • No open slander about our unit

If the above list is breached, there will also be severe consequences.

Probation Rules

Once a member completes their CBTC, they are placed on probation. SOLS/Support Det. Probation can be elected upon application, completion of interview or completion of CBTC. The member must sit a basic skills assessment, if the member does not pass this assessment, they will spend their probationary period with 1CDO. The member must play two main operations per month, over a six month period. If the member misses three consecutive operations, they will be sent a message in the #admin channel. If the member fails to explain their absence and misses the next operation, they will be automatically removed from the unit. The same goes for if a member does not complete four operations in a two month period. If the member has been removed for these reasons and wishes to rejoin, their probation will be restarted from scratch.

HQ Policy

HQ Membership

As of 17 FEB 21 members joining HQ must be at least 18 years old. This is to allow younger members to develop and “grow up” under older, more mature members of the group. It also allows older members to guide younger members in a role model situation.

(15 JUN 21) Under 18 members may be placed in leadership positions as a temporary measure to allow for personal development. They will not receive promotion or be allowed to attend HQ meetings as per initial decision on 17 FEB 21.

Tag Assignment

Any and all tags that are assigned (both in Teamspeak and Discord) can only be done by an authorised member of J1. Seccos may assign tags for their own section members (such as 2CDO and 2IC tags), however any other tags may only be assigned by J1 members. These include but are not limited to:

  • Training courses
  • HQ
  • Donations
  • Warnings
  • SOCOMD Cookie
  • Tech Support

The "Retired" tag is only to be granted by the CO, XO or J1 HOS.

Utilisation of Chain of Command (CoC)

If a member has an issue in the unit, whether it be in game, out of game or anything that is relevant to the unit, they are to utilise the proper CoC to address said issue. This chain is:

1. Section Commander, Section 2IC
The Section Commander/Section 2IC should be the first point of contact for any issues. They are able to deal with anything at a low level such as technical issues, absences and/or grievances with other members. If the member is not a 2CDO, they can go to any J1 member for similar issues.
2. 1-0, Head of J1
If the issue can not be resolved at the section level, it will be passed onto the Platoon Commander and/or Head of J1. They can be used for more serious personnel issues and if the member has a grievance with a Section Commander or Section 2IC.
3. Commanding Officer (CO), Executive Officer (XO)
The CO/XO will only deal with the most serious of personnel issues, usually regarding if a member has to be removed from the unit.

It is important to remember that SOCOMD is not the only commitment that members of HQ devote themselves to. Most HQ members work multiple jobs and help run the unit in their spare time. That’s why it is important to correctly use the CoC, as some members may have multiple tasks and responsibilities that they have to deal with, both in and out of SOCOMD.

Leadership Expectations

SOCOMDs leadership expectations can be found here.

Disciplinary Procedures

SOCOMDs disciplinary procedures can be found here.

End of Operation Debrief

The End of Operation Debrief is crucial for Section Commanders, Platoon Commanders, SOLS personnel and Zeusers to learn and develop their skills to continuously improve and create a better product for all those involved. The debrief is split into three separate parts. These are the Section Debrief, The Platoon Debrief and The Section Commanders Debrief.

The Section Debrief

The Section Debrief is run in the section channel. It is led by the Section Commander and is fairly informal. Each Section Commander can run their own debrief differently, but most simply go from the bottom of the channel to the top. Members can address what they did and didn’t like about the operation in a closed environment, without fear of punishment or repercussion (providing the comments are within reason). When it gets to the Section Commander, he/she will usually give his/her feedback to the section on how he/she felt they performed. Once complete, the section will join the debrief channel in Teamspeak

The Platoon Debrief

The Platoon Debrief is a much larger scale debrief which primarily focuses on how the platoon as a whole performed, with the Section Commanders and Platoon Commander delivering their points from their Section Debrief. It is also used by Senior Officers to make any major announcements that pertain to the unit. The order of the Platoon Debrief is as follows:

  • Zeus
  • 1-1
  • 1-2
  • 1-3
  • 1-4
  • Support
  • 1-0
  • SOLS
  • Zeus to cover any final points
  • Senior Officer announcements

(7 SEP 21) Each person has 90 seconds to present their section debrief to the group. This has been put in place to cut down the amount of time that members are waiting after the op.

Section Commander Debrief

The Section Commander Debrief is where the leadership of the operation get together and dissect the planning and execution of the mission. Attendance for this brief is:

  • Platoon Commander
  • Platoon Sergeant
  • Section Commanders
  • Section 2ICs
  • SOLS Commander
  • SOLS Pilots
  • Senior Officers

Pilots are not allowed to speak at this debrief unless asked a direct question from one of the other members in the debrief. Otherwise, the SOLS Commander speaks on their behalf.

New Applicant Contact

Once a new applicant or prospective applicant has joined the Discord server, it is expected that a member of J1 initiates contact with them in a polite and friendly manner. Usually this can be as little as “Hey mate, how are you?”. The purpose of this is to welcome them into the unit, open a dialogue and if the person has yet to apply, have a conversation with them to encourage them to apply.

FOB Submissions

Anyone may submit a FOB to be used for official operations. These can be unique to a terrain or be generic and be operated from over multiple different terrains and locations. All submissions must fit the following criteria:

FOB Criteria

  • Must be made using SOCOMD_Core and SOCOMD_Mission_Utils
  • Must be placed in a suitable location on the desired map(s)
  • Must be realistic (easy to build, can be deployed short notice)
  • Each section must have their own space and QStore, they should not be able to hear each other when talking on whisper
  • Must be easy to navigate
  • Must have a vehicle spawner
  • Must have a helicopter spawner
  • Must have a HALO flag
  • Must have a medical point
  • Must have six CDO sections, two Support sections, two SOLS sections and one Homestead section
  • Must have all internal SOCOMD standard scripts preloaded in the mission folder


  • Although we are looking for generic FOBs for our use, making FOBs themed towards different terrains, utilising different assets from said terrains will go a long way towards being selected
  • Use pre-existing buildings/infrastructure to your advantage (if your map has an airfield, incorporate a hangar, if your map is Taki, incorporate mud huts etc.) Remember that Eden has all current objects available to edit and add into missions
  • Make sure you pay attention to the smaller details (no floating objects, clipping objects etc.)
  • Don’t make a large base with supporting infrastructure that will impact framerate
  • Don’t make with client side mods such as JSRS enabled


All prospective FOBs must be submitted to the #fob-submissions channel in Discord. To do this simply:

1. Find your Arma 3 Missions folder: This PC > Documents > Arma 3 - Other Profiles > [USER] > missions
2. Navigate to the mission folder that is your fob (make sure it has all the necessary internal scripts already in the folder)
3. Right Click on the folder and select “Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder”
4. Find the zipped folder at the bottom of the page and Left Click and drag it to the open #fob-submissions channel in Discord
5. Write a short blurb about the FOB, describing where it is, what it’s purpose is etc. Give it a backstory
6. Upload images of the FOB underneath your submission, one image must be a birds eye view


Contractors are players who are not full members of the unit but contribute in some form. Mainly they can act as Zeus operators or consultants that don’t have the time or the wish to play in operations. These members are vetted by HQ for suitability being granted the title of Contractor. They are subject to the same rules and regulations that all full SOCOMD members must adhere to.

Discharge/Banning of Members

As of 08 JUN 21, the discharge/ban/removal of any member must first be approved by the Head of J1, XO or CO. Anyone found not complying with this directive will face disciplinary action.

Previous Members Reapplying

As of 08 JUN 21, anyone seeking to rejoin the unit must first be approved by the Head of J1, XO or CO. Anyone found not complying with this directive will face disciplinary action.

Document Submissions

As of 06 JUN 21, any and all document submission must be in the standard SOCOMD format. This can be found here. Any document submitted that is not compliant with this format will be rejected.

Probation Explained Absence

For Probationary members, if they miss an operation due to mod or connection related issues, they are marked as an explained absence as they have not participated in the operation (participating meaning stepped off with the platoon). If the Secco that is attempting to bring that member into their section would like to petition to have that operation to count towards their probation, they must message either Head of J1,1-0, CO or XO for reasons as to why it should be counted. CO, XO, 1-0 and J1 Head will take in a variety of factors such as member maturity and Secco reasoning when deciding whether to count that operation as part of their probation.

SOCOMD Mentorship Program

On 27 JUL 21, SOCOMD established a Mentorship Program for new recruits. The SOCOMD Mentorship Program is designed as a way to increase retention of new recruits by providing them to guide them through from Recruit all the way to completing probation. More information can be found here.

Section Exchange Program

On 27 JUL 21, it was announced that SOCOMD would begin a Section Exchange Program for the 2CDO fixed sections. Every 2 months, 2 members from each section would rotate into another section. This is to improve interoperability and learn from each other with different TTPs.

HQ Mini Op

On 27 JUL 21, it was announced that SOCOMD would conduct a monthly mini op exclusively for the HQ members in in-game leadership positions (1-0, Section Commanders and 2ICs). This is to increase interoperability and learn from different leadership styles.

Probation Length

On 5 OCT 21, it was announced that the probation length would be extended from four operations to six months in length. This is to enable a greater emphasis on quality recruits rather than allowing people who don’t fit SOCOMDs values to join and remain in the unit.

Hard 18 Cap

On 5 OCT 21, it was announced that SOCOMD would no longer accept applicants that were under the age of 18.