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Basic Movement

Description Control
Look Around Hold Right Click + Mouse Move.
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Strafe Right D
Strafe Left A
Fast Forward W + Left Shift
Move Up Q
Move Down Z
Select Unit Left Click on Unit.
Deselect Unit Left Click off Unit.
Rotate Unit Left Click + Shift + Mouse Drag on a Unit

Unit Placement

Up in the top right you will see the tab called "Create". This is the most important tab for the Zeus. You will find underneath it (in the form of icons) Units, Groups, Modules, Markers and Recent. I will be covering all these tabs in this guide but firstly Units.

The Unit Tab is where you can spawn people, vehicles and even props (Buildings, Fences, Ammo boxes, etc.). Under the unit tab you will find 5 coloured tabs, these are BluFor, OpFor, Independent, Civilian and Empty. Depending on what your players are. In this scenario SOCOMD is Blufor and the Enemy are OpFor - therefore Blufor will always attack Opfor, and vica versa. Warning! If the enemy faction are in the same faction as the friendlies, they will not be able to attack each other.

  • Blufor - In SOCOMD we have mods enableing us to have more Friendly and Enemy units. Blufor are normally the good guys because of the nations in it (NATO, SOCOMD, USA etc.) If you want to put a unit down click on the unit name and then click again where you want to place him. This works with vehicles too, if you want to place down a vehicle without people in it then look at the bottom tab of the create tab, in there you will find Spawn attributes, click on the check box with "include crew" now when you place vehicles it will have no one in it.
  • Opfor - Opfor are normally the bad guys because of the nations in it (CSAT, Takistani Militia, Russia etc.) All the controls are the same as the Blufor faction.
  • Independent - Independent can be a tricky one. They can either be the bad guys or the good guys depending on how the Mission has been set up. Sadly you cannot change the side of independent in Zeus. I recommend testing if they attack Blufor by placing two of them next to each other.
  • Civilian - The civilian faction is a faction that no factions will attack; although there will not be any consequences if you do kill a civilian you may get a dirty look from your superiors! Manly used for filling in towns.
  • Empty - The empty faction is where you will find buildings and ammo boxes you can place down. You can find little props like drink bottles and even more importantly, documents. Documents can be used with a module for intel to give to your troops but more on that when we get to modules. Ammo boxes can be found in the Supply tab, if you double click on a ammo box you can designate what goes into that box. Also can be used as an arsenal but more on that later.

Unit Movement

After Placing down a unit (more on this later) you will be able to move around the unit in many ways.

To Select a Unit, Left Click on it. To Unselect a Unit, Left Click off it.

Right click anywhere to make that unit move to the intended destination. Ctrl + Right click to make multiple move marks. Alt + Right Click to make the target cycle through the move marks.

Double Left Click will bring up the unit attributes, here you can change the units Name, Rank, Stance, Health/ Armour, Ammo and the units overall skill. Also if you click on the "Arsenal" tab it will bring up the units Virtual arsenal.

Double Left Click on the Icon above the units head for the group attributes, most of the options will only come into affect if you link this unit to a group (more on this later). From this tab you can change the Groups Callsign, overall skill, group formation, group behaviour, comat mode, speed at which they will move and stance.

Group Placement

Next in line is Groups, and it's all in the name. A group of people, vehicles and even structures. This is where you can easily and quickly put down groups. Group movement is the same as moveing a single person, double clicking on the box above the group leader will allow you to change the group formation and speed.

If you group a vehicle to infantry, the vehicle will move along at the same speed as the infantry meaning you can have a small motorized patrol on the roads without having the car moving at 200k's an hour.


Modules is the core tools for a good Zeus, allowing you to change the weather and time, patroling and garrisoning units even playing some neat songs.

  • ACE AI - Most of these options can be done more effectively using Ares. The Global AI Skill can be very useful, this will allow you to control how effectively all the AI in the scenario can move around and effectively kill you.
  • ACE Captive - Toggling captive will put the unit into a captive state, like if you cable-tied them. They will not be able to shoot anybody and AI will not kill them either; turns them into the civilian faction until you untoggle it. Toggleing the surrender will make them put their hands up and will allow friendlies to cable-tie the unit themselves, same thing happens when you toggle captive.
  • ACE Medical - The "heal" option is self explanatory; it fully heals the unit. It can also repair empty vehicles. Injury will allow you to change what is wrong with the unit, if you want you could make the unit have a broken leg by changing one of the legs to 'severe'. Toggleing the unconscious will knock out the unit.
  • Repair - If you put this module on a vehicle it will add a spare wheel or a spare track to the vehicle.
  • AI Behaviour - Ambient Animation will allow you to pick an animation for the selected unit, from wounded to looking around. Can be buggy when trying to kill a unit in an animation.Garrison Building Instant will set up the unit in the closest building instantly, SEARCH AND GARRISON BUILDING will do the same thing, just not instantly.Ungarrison will get them out of the garrisoned building. Patrol / Loiter will put down a set patrol route within the set distance (always will be a circle) but you can change the point placed down by draging the waypoints.
  • Arsenal - Add Full Arsenal will allow you to put down an arsenal on anything; Ammo boxes, Vehicles even people. Recommend placing it on an ammo box for realism sakes.
  • Audio - The Play Music option will allow you to preview and play music, at this time the volume will not work so all music played will be rather loud. Music volume is up to the players to change the volume in their personnal settings.
  • Environment - If you want to change the weather use the Advanced Weather Change rather then the Vanilla Weather tab. The advanced one will allow you to smoothly change the weather over time rather then instantly. Also more options for types of weather. Set Date; this won't change much but can change how bright the day is, for some reason. Skip Time will allow you to change the time to whatever you want, in 24 hour format. Time acceleration will make time go faster.
  • Fire Support - Fire Support will allow you to call in mortar strikes, artillery strikes and even fixed wing CAS strikes. In SOCOMD this will be designated through the radio by sections. Also could be used by enemies around friendlies - try not to hit friendlies because that would really suck for them to be killed by a random mortar strike.
  • Objectives - Objectives in SOCOMD aren't the most useful thing for the fact that objectives can easily be told by talking to the Squad Leads but can still be played around with.
  • Player - Change Side of Player will allow the player to switch from Blufor to Opfor and other factions. Good for undercover operations but can be done easier with options later on. Punishment will make the player or AI do excercise, not much use other then a quick laugh. Teleport will instantly teleport any player or group to the intended destination. If player is Halo jumping do not teleport otherwise they will die.
  • Scenario Flow - Countdown will be a given amount of time until the mission ends, could be used in a scenario where if they take too long the mission will fail. Create/Edit Intel, will be where the player picks up the intel. It will have all the information that you have written down in it, use this on documents found in the empty tab of units. End Scenario, will end the scenario in the given way. You could Complete the Mission meaning they have won, or Fail the mission meaning they have lost. Also you can put in text. Scenario Name, will give the scenario a title.
  • SOCOMD Modules - If you place the Copy Loadout on an exsting person and place the Paste Loadout on another unit it will give the copyed loadout to the pasted unit. Toggle undercover will make the unit temporarily make the unit a civilian and make enemy personel not shoot at friendlies.

Zeus Modules

Add/Remove Editable Objects will add objects that you should be able to edit but cant. So you can edit them in Zeus mode. Hide Zeus will hide you (The Zeus) meaning you can get within radio range without being seen. Useful on big maps. Promote to Zeus will allow that player to be a zeus as well, there are no limitations to this Zeus so choose wisely. Remote control will allow you to control the AI, useful for roleplay purposes. Markers Markers are used on the map to mark out a certain location for the players. Make sure to make the map not a clustered mess and make it easy to read. Blue markers for good guys, red markers for bad guys. Colours make the map look way better and easier to read.

SOCOMD Operations

Objective Types

  • Assault - A target area that friendly forces need to move into and clear of hostiles.
  • Defend - An area that friendly forces need to defend from enemy forces.
  • Capture or Recover - Capture a designated high value asset (HVA). This could be enemy personnel like a commander or a friendly hostage.
  • Eliminate - Kill a high value target (HVT). Usually a single important person in the enemy force.
  • Destroy - Destroy an enemy asset. (eg. Radio tower, ammo cache or important structure).
  • Convoy - Drive vehicles from one destination to another.
  • Security - Provide protection for an area, person or convoy.
  • Reconnaissance - Observe a target and relay information back to command.
  • EOD - Clear an area of known explosive devices.
  • Humanitarian - Provide aid to local civilian population.

Objective Intentions

  • Overt - Conducted openly and without concealment.
  • Covert - To complete the objective without being detected, concealing identity and allowing for plausible deniability.
  • Clandestine - A clandestine operation is an intelligence or military operation carried out in such a way that the operation goes unnoticed by the general population or specific 'enemy' forces.
  • Black Operation - A Black Operation is similar to a Covert Operation but involves a significant degree of deception, to conceal who is behind it or to make it appear that some other entity is responsible ("false flag" operations).