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Operation Order

Al Rayak - 19th January 2018

Operation sedate cat 01.jpg


A local Militia Group known as ARFF (Al Rayak Freedom Force) has been building up it's forces and has seized control of the town of Al Samouk in grid 109 045. They have reinforced the town and the local government who is unable to deal with the situation have asked NATO countries to intervene.


Australian Commando Forces have been tasked with assaulting the town of Al Samouk. We have 5 total objectives:

  • Assault and capture the town
  • Eliminate Militia Commander and seize his Cellphone (HVT)
  • Destroy weapon and ammo caches
  • Destroy radio tower and equipment
  • Collect any intelligence available in the area

Friendly Forces


  • Australian 2nd Commando Regiment

Enemy Forces

Al Rayak Freedom Force

  • Small groups
  • Light arms
  • Mortars
  • Liberal use of mines
  • Fixed heavy weapon emplacements
  • Soft skin vehicles



  • Avoid Civilian towns
  • No heavy CAS or support will be provided to minimise Civilian casualties


  1. Prepare and organise sections
  2. Plan assault points carefully
    1. All sections assault the town
    2. All sections collect intel
    3. One section assigned to HVT
    4. One section assigned to destroy caches
    5. One section assigned to destroy radio equipment
  3. Return to base for debrief

Administration & Logistics

2CDO - Standard Equipment

  • Transport provided by 171st AVN
  • Light CAS provided by 171st AVN (If available)

Command & Signals

Standard SOCOMD Procedures