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The purpose of the SOCOMD Mentorship Program is to provide new applicants with a Point of Contact (POC) to enable a smooth transition into the unit. It has been identified that new recruits are generally left on their own with no real direction as to what to do next. The mentorship program is designed to bridge the gap between finishing their interview and completing their probation and increase retention rates of new members.

Common Acronyms

Acronym Definition
CO Commanding Officer
XO Executive Officer
J1 Joint Staff Section 1
J4 Joint Staff Section 4
HOS Head of Staff
SS Senior Staff


  • Finished Probation
  • Submitted Mentorship Program Application Form

The Program

The SOCOMD Mentorship Program is designed as a way to increase retention of new recruits by providing them a mentor to guide them through from Recruit all the way to completing probation. As a mentor, it is expected that you hold yourself to the highest standards of discipline and respect in the unit, as you will be the first point of call to new recruits that are assigned to you.

The Role

A mentor is someone who is a role model to new members of the unit. They will be assigned new members once they complete their interviews. The mentor is expected to:

  • Help organise any training required for the new recruit to participate in operations.
  • Help with the installation and troubleshooting of mods.
  • Assist the new member on operation nights, including:
Getting assigned with the member to a section (more on this later)
Assisting in loading into the server
Acting as a battle buddy and shadow for the new member
Debriefing with the member
  • Check up on the new member during their probation, see if they are experiencing issues and enjoying the unit.

As default, all Section Commanders are assigned as mentors. Albatross will also act as a mentor for SOLS specific members.

How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for the unit, please head here to apply. Once your application is complete and submitted, it will be reviewed by the J1 HOS, CO and XO to deem suitability. Key criteria will be quality of application, member maturity and member in game conduct. Members will be contacted if they are deemed suitable for the role and immediately placed into the Mentorship Program. Unsuccessful members will be debriefed as to why they were denied.



Once the new recruit has passed their interview. They will assign them to a mentor from a list on the Master Doc, found here. Once assigned, they will inform the new recruit who their mentor is and post in #admin-j1 with the following format:

Interview Passed - [name]
Mentor Assigned - [name]

From here, it is the mentor's responsibility to make contact with the new recruit, either through TeamSpeak or Discord.

NOTE - A mentor can have a maximum of three mentees at any given time.


The mentor is to help the new recruit with mod installation and any issues that may occur from that. They are also to help the new recruit to organise training with a Senior CDO Trainer. They do not have to attend the training, but it is highly encouraged that they check up on the new recruit after each training and make sure that they are understanding the content.


Once the new recruit has completed all their necessary training, the mentor is to help them be prepared for the next upcoming operation. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Making sure all necessary mods are installed and functional.
  • Making sure that the new recruit understands the expectations of them in-game.

Once operation night arrives, the mentor is to join the new recruit in the common room. If the mentor is a 2CDO member, the new recruit will join the mentors section for the night, depending on numbers and slot availability. If the mentor is a 1CDO member, then the new recruit will join the section that the 1CDO member is assigned to. This will take place for the first two operations that the new recruit participates in. For all others after, if the mentor is confident in the new recruit, the new recruit may participate in different sections to the mentor.

NOTE - A mentor is only required to attend main operations with the new recruit, it is recommended that they attend mini operations as well but it is not required.


When in game, the mentor is to act as a battle buddy for the new recruit. They are to shadow the new recruit and ensure they operate within the section effectively. This is only if they are assigned to the same section.

Post Operation

Once the operation is complete, the new recruit will sit in the debrief and provide feedback etc. as a normal section member. After this and the platoon debrief is complete, the mentor will take them to a private channel and give them feedback on how they performed.

A couple of days after the operation, the mentor is to contact the new recruit through TeamSpeak and Discord if possible and check up on them, see how they’re feeling and if they enjoyed/are still enjoying the unit. This should happen after all operations.

Release From Mentorship

Once the mentor is comfortable that the new recruit is ready to participate in operations without any assistance, their name will be removed from the mentors list on the Master Doc. While the mentor no longer has any obligation to continue mentoring that member, they should still make themselves available for any questions or queries that they may have.

NOTE - A new recruit can only be released from their mentorship after four main operations.


As a mentor, you are the face of SOCOMD. If you can not provide a positive experience for new members then their perception as a whole will be negative. This system has been put in place to increase the retention rate of new members and to help them through the process where so many seem to fail. It is paramount that all mentors who apply and are assigned new members conduct their duties with the utmost respect and professionalism.