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Download & Install

Download Arma3Sync here: SoE FTP

Double click the installer and follow the prompts as normal.

Setup and Configuration for SOCOMD

After ArmA3Sync is installed you can follow these steps to get started.

Profile Creation

We recommend creating a separate profile for SOCOMD, this isn't necessary however but will help quite a bit if you intend to use ArmA3Sync for other ArmA3 related exploits.

Click the Profiles menu option and select Edit, Duplicate your current profile and then Edit it to rename it “SOCOMD”. Clicking OK will change to it and close the dialog box.

Download Directory

Warning: Do not download mods directly to your ArmA3 folder or you will get conflicts with Workshop mods.

On the tab called Addon Options, add the folder where you would like to store your addons. Please store SOCOMD’s mods in a new empty folder. Storing them on an SSD (if you have one) will improve load times considerably, however be aware that the entire mod repository is quite large.

Remove the default folder that ArmA3Sync adds which points directly to your ArmA3 folder.

Import Repository

Select the Repositories tab, here we will add SOCOMD’s main repository. Click the Add a new repository button, copy and paste the following address into the Public auto-config url box.

Click Import and the rest will fill itself out, click OK.

Tick notify for the repository so you will be notified of updates when you open Arma3Sync.

Download the Mods

Select the SOCOMD Mods repository and click Connect to repository.

Once connected a new tab will open and become focused, first ensure that the Default destination folder is where you want the mods to be stored. Refer to #Download Directory

Check for Addons by clicking the green tick button. This will scan what you have already and check against the repository.

Once it has finished you will see a list of addons, new and updated files will be highlighted in RED and files marked for removal in BLUE. To complete your training and join in most operations you are only required to download the mods contained within the SOCOMD_Core folder. SOCOMD_Extra contains additional mods and maps that may be used on specific nights, you will be notified before hand if you need to download them.

Tick the mods/folders you want to download.

Clicking the Play button will begin the download and will give a progress report in that tab.

You can continue following this guide while the mods download.

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Problems Syncing

If syncing the repository is taking too long, you may need to install an older version of java.

1. Uninstall any previous versions of java.

2. Download "java re-8u102-windows-x64.exe" from the Member File Centre channel in teamspeak.

3. Double click the installer and follow the prompts as normal.

Launch Parameters

On the third tab, Launcher Options, you can set specific launch parameters.

Additionally, if you use a specific in game profile for SOCOMD (different to Arma3sync profile) you can select it here.

The following is what SOCOMD recommends, though it is a non-standard way to set up ArmA3Sync.

Warning: Do not use the ArmA3Sync 'Enable Battleye' Option when setting up ArmA3Sync in this fashion.

Recommended Performance settings:

  • Do not set Max Memory.
  • Set CPU Count if you have a non-hyperthreading CPU to the max ArmA3Sync detects.
  • Set ExThreads always 7.
  • Do not set Malloc unless you are aware of what it does.
  • Set Enable HT to true if you are using a hyperthreading CPU
  • Set Huge pages to true.
  • Set No Splash Screen to true.
  • Set Default World Empty to true.
  • Set No logs to true.

You will need to change the Arma III Executable Location located at the bottom of the window to “arma3launcher.exe”, it is located in the same folder as “arma3.exe” (note that depending on your view settings in Windows, you may not see the file extension).

Additional Parameters:

Since we are using the ArmA3Launcher we can pass some additional parameters to tailor it to our needs. Copy and paste the following into the box.


The first option prevents the Launcher from showing, however Battleye prompts will still show to accept the licence when it updates.

The second option tells it to enable Battleye.

The third option tells it to run in 64bit mode. If for some reason you need to run 32bit, change the number accordingly.

Add the SOCOMD Modsets

Navigate to the first tab, Addons.

The left hand side lists mods that you have, and the right hand side contains a list of Modsets.

Above the right hand side list, there is a Modsets button. Click it and a sub window will appear.

You dont need to tick the SOCOMD Mods group, only the groups from events at the bottom. Tick all of the event groups and click OK.

Joining the Servers

Navigate to the first tab, Addons.

Tick the appropriate Modset for the night, most of the time this will be Operational Mods. An additional Map may be required, but you will be told so if this is the case.

Next select the correct server in the "Join Server" drop down box at the bottom of the window, and click "Start Game".

Install ACRE