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Out of Game Setup

  1. Disable the "Task Force Arma 3 Radio" addon in teamspeak (Tools > Options > Addons)
  2. Update the SOCOMD mods in Arma3Sync
  3. Make sure @acre2 is in addon groups, should be on SOCOMD_Core
  4. Acre2 will automatically install the teamspeak plugin when you launch arma
  5. Once the game is loaded, check the acre2 addon is enabled

In Game Controls

These are the most important controls to configure, the rest are personnel preference.

  1. Open controls menu (Esc > Configure > Controls > Configure Addons > ACRE2)
  2. Unbind "Default Radio Key"
  3. Bind "Alt Radio Key 1" (Preferred primary talk key, eg CapsLock)
  4. Bind "Alt Radio Key 2" (Preferred secondary talk key, eg Ctrl + Capslock)
  5. Bind "Alt Radio Key 3" (Preferred alternate talk key)
  6. Bind "Babel Cycle Language" something other than "Left Windows"
  7. Select Ok

Radio Information

Radios can be accessed and modified through the ACE3 self interact menu. (Self Interact > Radios > **RADIO TYPE**)


  • Lightweight intra-section radio.
  • Carried by every section member.
  • 500m range.


  • Intra-platoon radio.
  • Carried by the section leader/2IC.
  • 3-5km range.


  • Long range command radio
  • Carried by platoon leader/signaller, pilots and homestead
  • 10-20km range.